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Validate Fantasy Schedule (Published Mon Mar 11 9:19:28 a.m. ET 2019)

There is a new Validate Fantasy Schedule option on the Commissioner Setup pages. This new screen will make it easier to confirm that your schedule is balanced with the correct number of games against all franchises. It will show the total number of games against each opponent, along with a breakdown by conference or division where appropriate, and a breakdown of Home and Away games. It will also indicate any weeks that are missing games or that have games scheduled when they shouldn't (such as during the playoffs when a corresponding playoff bracket is being used). It will also total up any Bye weeks for fantasy franchises as well as any matchups against the League Average if your league uses that option. And for leagues that have doubleheader weeks, it will show if those are balanced as well.

Blind Bid Summary report (Published Sat Mar 9 8:55:54 a.m. ET 2019)

For leagues that use Blind Bidding Waivers, there is a new summary format of the Blind Bidding Report. Note that this report won't show up on the menu for leagues that don't use Blind Bidding, but otherwise it will be accessible from the "Reports > Franchise > Blind Bidding" menu item. Previously, only the Detailed view was available. Now the new Summary view will show each Franchise along with their blind bidding balance and their most recent transaction in a concise table format. You can toggle between the Detailed and Summary view with the links at the top of the report.

Player Pop-Up Window updates (Published Thu Mar 7 4:45:43 p.m. ET 2019)

The new Player Pop-Up Feature has a few more additions and changes. Now there is a quick link at the bottom of the pop-up window so you can quickly click to "Add Player to Watch List" or to get the "Status in All My Leagues". There is also a link to go to the "Full Player Page" as well. The player stats section has also been updated to show the historical (annual) stats and the projected stats during the off-season. It will change back to showing the weekly stats when the season starts.

Live Draft Room updates (Published Fri Mar 1 2:03:25 p.m. ET 2019)

The Live Draft Room has been updated to offer better performance on the back end and a more streamlined layout on the front end. Here are the highlights:

  • The Player Selection window has been updated to allow more filtering and sorting and better search options. You can filter by NFL Team or Player Position, or search for players by typing all or part of a player name. You can sort the list by any column, including the Fantasy Sharks Player Rankings, the ADP rankings, or the Projected Points
  • The Player bio section has been removed to save space. Instead, you can now click on a player name in the Player Window or in the Work List, and then click on the "Player Info" button to see the player pop-up page with more info about the player.
  • Drafted Players in the "Draft Picks" section are now linked as well, so you can click on any player name to view their player pop-up information.
  • The Player Lists should be more dynamic and accurate now, even when the "Undo" option is used to roll back some picks. The draft room window should not need to be refreshed after an Undo Pick anymore.
  • The Timer section has been cleaned up and the "On Deck" Franchise was added to the display under the timer in addition to the "On the Clock" Franchise.
  • The Draft messages have been updated to be clearer and more descriptive, and they will also pop-up to make them more apparent for an individual owner if they try to draft an invalid player (because of roster limits or various other league rules).

New Draft Timer Auto-Pick Behavior (Published Mon Feb 25 10:31:33 a.m. ET 2019)

The options for making auto-picks during a draft have been streamlined and updated on the General Draft and Timer Setup screen. Here is the order of processing the auto-picks by the system when the timer expires:

  1. If it is a Live Draft, then the system will check the owner's Work List which is specified on the Live Draft screen by the owner.
  2. Then it will check the owner's My Draft List.
  3. If neither of those lists has any players remaining that can properly fulfill the draft pick, then it will auto-pick based on one of the 4 available methods specified by the commissioner:
    1. Skip the Pick
    2. Fantasy Sharks Player Rankings
    3. Average Draft Position (ADP) Rankings
    4. Fantasy Sharks Draft Coach.
    Also be aware that this commissioner option will also control how a player is picked if an owner has been placed on auto-pick by the system (either because they chose the "Away" option in a live draft or because they timed out too many times).

Updated Change Player Position screen (Published Sat Feb 23 2:30:33 p.m. ET 2019)

The Change Player Position setup screen has been updated to make it easier to manage. Now if you want to delete a custom player change, you can do that with the "Delete" link instead of having to change the player back to their original position.

Keep in mind that this page is generally not needed for most leagues. It is mainly for IDP leagues that want to change a player's position designation because they disagree with how certain defensive players are classified.

Transaction Report Updates (Published Fri Feb 22 9:52:02 a.m. ET 2019)

The Transactions Report has been updated for Deluxe Leagues to allow you to choose the Division or Conference that you want to view transactions for. This allows you to filter out transactions from the other Conference(s), for example, when you are in a league where each Conference (or Division) has their own draft and their own player pool.

There are also a couple of new new transaction types that will appear for trades when the trade expires or when it becomes invalid for various reasons, such as if a player offered the trade is no longer on the franchise involved in the trade proposal.

In addition, the Transactions Report will now show when a transaction was performed by the commissioner with a (C) in the "Franchise" column of that report.

Finally, the Transaction report in general has been cleaned up to be more consistent, and all Player and Franchise Names are now linked from within the transaction descriptions.

New Home Page Module and Tabs Setup (Published Thu Feb 21 4:52:44 p.m. ET 2019)

There is a new setup screen for the Home Page Modules and Tab Setup option. This screen will now show all of the tabs on one page to make it easier to visualize and manage the overall home page layout. You can add and remove tabs from this page, and you can move each tab around within the layout. You can also rename any individual tab by clicking on the link for the tab name. Some things to keep in mind when setting up the tabs with modules:

  • There is a maximum of 9 Tabs allowed on the home page.
  • Each Home Page Module can only be used once. So if a module is already being used on an existing tab, then it can't be added to another tab. You would have to remove it from the tab first in order to add it to a different tab.
  • Each Tab is required to have at least one "Column" entry, even if it is just a "New Column (100%)" entry at the top.
  • You can Delete a Tab completely by removing all of the home page modules from it first.

There is also a new method for specifying the columns and column widths on each tab. Previously, you would use the "Add New Column" option to add a column and specify the width. Now there is a "Set Column Widths" option instead, and it can be used to either Add New Columns OR to Edit Existing Columns. When you click on the "Set Column Widths" option, you will be asked to enter ALL of the column widths at once, separated by commas. So if you want two equal sized columns, you would enter "50,50". If you want one narrow and one wide column on the top of the tab, followed by a full-width column at the bottom of the tab, then you would enter "33,67,100", for example. If you want to make 3 columns, you could enter "33,33,34". The key is to have them all add up to 100% (or a multiple of 100% if you are adding more than one section to the same tab). Note that after you add or edit the desired column widths, you can still move them around (up or down) within the tab as needed.

Auction Transaction updates (Published Tue Feb 19 6:44:30 p.m. ET 2019)

There is a new transaction type for Auction Opening Bids. These will show up separately on the Transactions Report. In addition, there is a new Transaction Group on the "Show Me" pull down list of the Transaction report for "Auction Opening Bids", as well as a new general "Auctions" option that will show all auction-related transactions including opening bids, normal bids, and winning bids.

Auto-Insert Players into Starting Lineups (Published Sun Feb 17 6:26:48 p.m. ET 2019)

There is a new option on the Starting Lineup Setup screen to have the system Place Added Players In Starting Lineup If Possible. If you change this option to "Yes", then any players added via Waivers will be inserted into the starting lineup automatically if it results in a valid lineup. This option will help for leagues that have waivers processed late in the week or allow FCFS moves right before kickoff. For example, if the existing kicker on your roster is in your starting lineup from last week, but he is on bye or was injured last week, and you make a waiver move to drop him and pick up another kicker, the system will insert that new kicker into your lineup right away when you pick him up, which can save your owners a step and make sure they don't inadvertently leave a lineup spot open.

Auctions and Blind Bidding Funds (Published Fri Feb 15 5:59:35 p.m. ET 2019)

There is a new Auction option that allows you to tie the pre-season Auction funds to the Blind Bidding Balance. This works the same way as the previous option that allowed you to tie the Auction funds to the League Accounting Balance. Note that there was also an existing option to tie the Auction funds to the Salary Cap as well, so if your league already ties the Salary Cap to the Blind Bidding funds, then you should keep the option as is to link the Auction funds to the Salary Cap. This new option for linking the Auction funds to the Blind Bidding Balance can be found on the General Auction Setup screen.

Total Starters for Offensive Skill Positions (Published Wed Feb 13 8:05:08 p.m. ET 2019)

There is a new option on the Starting Lineup Setup screen for specifying the maximum number of total starters at the offensive skill positions (QB+RB+WR+TE). This option is NOT needed for most leagues, but it was added to help leagues that want to implement a "super flex" type of lineup option. You can enter a value in this new option to enforce a maximum amount of starters at these positoin and help prevent owners from not starting a kicker or defense, for example.

Mobile Friendly Setup Pages (Published Wed Feb 13 5:24:51 p.m. ET 2019)

Some commissioner setup pages (such as the Home Page Module Setup and the Draft Order Setup screens) did not work well on mobile devices because of the way various browsers handled the "multi-select" list element. We've updated all of these pages now to use a mobile-friendly selection list, so they should be easier to use on smaller devices like phones and tablets.

Draft Order Setup Required (Published Mon Feb 11 4:52:10 p.m. ET 2019)

In previous years, the draft order would carry over from one season to the next when upgrading your league. That was causing confusion for a lot of leagues, especially since most leagues change their draft order based on the previous year's standings. It also caused problems for leagues that wanted to add or remove franchises, or add or remove rounds from one year to the next. Therefore, the system will no longer copy your draft order from the previous season. This means that All Leagues will be required to explicitly set up their Draft Order each season. If you don't set up the draft order, then then you won't be able to draft.

Also keep in mind that you should set your draft order BEFORE allowing any draft pick trades and BEFORE importing your Future Draft Pick trades from last year!

There are a few other settings that will be reset when upgrading the league now, such as the Franchise Abilities for Submitting Lineups and Performing Adds/Drops. These are being reset because some leagues would turn off the abilities for some teams during the playoffs or for other reasons, and it didn't make sense to carry over these disabled abilities into the new season.

Custom Waiver Order updates (Published Sat Feb 9 10:39:02 a.m. ET 2019)

The options for a Weekly Rolling Waivers and the Season-Long Rolling Waivers have been updated to use their own waiver order for tracking. Previously, the Custom Waiver Order was used for the rolling waiver order for these two options. That caused some confusion and allowed the rolling waiver order to be inadvertently changed. So now they are stored separately to avoid confusion with the Custom Waiver Order option.

Taxi Squad Updates (Published Thu Feb 7 11:10:44 a.m. ET 2019)

The Taxi Squad options have been updated for the 2019 season. You can check out the new options on the Taxi Squad Setup screen:

  1. Now, instead of an option to limit the Taxi Squad to just Rookies, you can specify rookies and players with 1 or 2 years of experience
  2. Also, the option to allow players on BYE to be on the Taxi Squad can be combined with the years of experience option. Previously, it was either Rookies OR bye week players. Now it can be either or both of those options.

New Player Pop-Up Info (Published Tue Feb 5 4:43:28 p.m. ET 2019)

Welcome to the 2019 season of MyFantasyLeague.com! We are excited for another great year of fantasy football as we continue to update and enhance the features and options available for you and your leagues.

The first change you'll notice is that the NFL Player Links throughout the league will now show you the detailed player stats and bio in a pop-up window instead of opening a new web page. This will allow for faster and more efficient views of the player information from various reports in your league. For example, when viewing the Top Performers Report, you can click on any player name to view their bio information and player stats as well as their fantasy free agent status and any recent player news.

You can still click on the arrow in the upper right of the player pop-up box to open a separate player page if desired. Also be aware that the commissioner of the league can turn this new Player Pop-Up option off if desired from the Reports and Security Settings screen.